Friday, 30 April 2010


Something We Should Support

From my inbox yesterday:

Dear Friend,

As election day gets closer and closer it is vital that the expenses crisis isn't drowned out in promises and spin. Over the last two years the Sunlight Centre's largest campaigns and investigations have been into the Smith Institute and former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. With your help we want to remind voters about this in the run up to polling day.

Not many people, and certainly not many of his constituents, know the role that Ed Balls played in the scandal around Gordon Brown's favourite, think-tank The Smith Institute, and its breach of the charity laws covering party political activity.

Following the Charity Commission investigation initiated by the Sunlight COPs, the board of the charity had to resign. In the year between leaving the Treasury as Brown's Special Adviser and becoming an MP, Ed Balls was paid close to £89,000 to write two pamphlets for the sham organisation. We want to tell the voters in his constituency of Morley and Outwood about this so the Sunlight Centre will be running an advert highlighting this and his expenses claims throughout the local paper websites in his constituency. We also want to remind Jacqui Smith's constituents of her role as the "poster girl" of the expenses crisis.

Electoral Laws allow us to spend £500 in each constituency, but we need your help in order to raise these funds. If you could please contribute perhaps £10, £20, or £50 then together we can make sure that these two rotten elements of the last rotten parliament are not returned on election day.

Thank you in advance,

Harry Cole

Media Director
The Sunlight Centre

LPUK has asked it membership and friends to donate what they can. Frequently. And it has enabled us to grow, gain new members and expand beyond just being 5 men on the Internet getting together with an idea.

Our membership is not made up of rich City workers managing the bailout money this government has taken from our pockets. Our donors are not rent seeking public sector union proto-communists or big-business lobbyists; our membership is the vast unsung heroes of the real free England, the kind who understand that wealth is more than shiny baubles, but that the pennies are important, including the ones the government takes from them and squanders. It is those who are stopped in the street for no good reason and are imprisoned for telling the agent of the state that what they are doing is none of their business.

I ask our membership, yet again to support a cause out of self-interest; it is in your interests to tell these thieves, these flippers and their petty, flacid authority where to go- the dole queue.

Put what you can towards it.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Libertarian Party Manifesto 2010

We have seen much of the big three party's manifesto pledges. To this end I submit for review the Libertarian Party manifesto. Please note that you can compare this manifesto by carrying out a search for your party's name along with the terms manifesto and the year.

If the views presented are more to your liking perhaps you should contact the party, donate, become involved or a combination of all of the three!

In a country where we are individuals having choice is important. We should be aware of the decisions our representatives are making, the impact they have not just on our lives but that of all people and ensure our voices are being heard.


EDIT: For those of you that require this document in another format please email

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Right Problem, Idiotically Wrong Solution

Finally someone gets it

Had a very early morning today when my daughter decided sleep was for the weak at 3am. Still serendipity meant I took a different commute this morning which enabled to pass closer to the uni than usual, in turn passing some beardy wierdy, sandalista's handing out the above; the lower half is here:

Isn't it amazing how so many people arrive at the right conclusion to our present idiots in power- that they are all clones - but end up at radically different solutions?

Where the AGS see a change in who controls the knobs of power I just see a bunch of knobs, needing to be thrown out.

Nice to see common ground though.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Apologies for the late comment on yesterday's Daily Politics show with this delectable washed up hack Mr Andrew Neil (61). Pictured here with yet another young lovely not the one that had previously been photographed with wearing a baseball hat that Private Eye repeatedly reprinted.

Anyway, the disgust that this hack produced yesterday has led to a glut of membership applications and donations to our tiny and irrelevant party in the last twenty four hours.

Neill and the BBC do not understand the meaning of 'Public Service Broadcasting' for which the BBC has a charter and the ability to enforce a TV tax to pay for itself. Neill felt that it was not his task to question Mounsey on his party's policies, but to play the man himself, attacking his blog. The wee balding scotsman is not fond of anybody who has any association with public schools, so Mounsey was never going to be off to a good start.

This morning Chris has deleted his blog, and has made a personal decision to tone down the visceral anger that has been his trademark.

Unlike the rest of the BBC, professional politicians and Neil himself sucking off the teat of the public purse, the members of the Libertarian Party are committed amateurs. We cannot afford to have our real jobs and lives threatened by those who feel threatened by having been caught fleecing the public purse in 'Rotten Parliament' and in the BBC.

Neill appears in another show were he sits around chuckling with the hypocrite Diane Abbott and the ever bizarre Portillo. If these three are what the BBC thinks represents politics no wonder forty per cent of the population don't vote, and the rest are utterly disillusioned with what is on offer, including the sterile 'Leaders' debate tonight.

Dinosaurs ruled the earth once, they do not do so now as they were unable to adapt to a new reality.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cameron A Halfway House Libertarian?

Where a libertarian party would simply decree that it is for the individual to build a strong family, get their children into a good school and find work, Cameron's conservatism wants to actively help people secure those three fundamental building blocks of the good life.

Tim Montgomerie

Yes, it is the Libertarian Party's belief that it is upto you to build your family, get the best education and get work. It is nothing to do with a raft of Quangocrats,Social Workers and politicians setting targets. All of these have removed tesponsibility from the family, along with crushing taxes that would make it financially easier.

Cameron has already stated infront of his party conference, that he does not lead a Libertarian Party. I don't want to be a partner in Government, I do not want to govern anybody else.

I do want Government off my back

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Libertarian Party Leader On 'BBC DAILY POLITICS' Wednesday 14th April

Fresh from the bearpit that was 'The Big Question' on BBC last Sunday (available on BBC iPlayer) Chris Mounsey is on the Daily Politics Show tomorrow Wednesday 14th.

Hopefully there will not be a member of the medical profession on the programme as per last Sunday who said 'I'm a Libertarian too, but I want everything banned' (paraphrasing a bit there I know)

Chris will be putting forward the proposition that the State should get out of our lives.

Appeal For Funds

I would like to thank everybody members,supporters and non members for their financial support over the last week, however we have to up our income significantly over the next few weeks to support our candidates.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Martin Cullip to stand in Sutton & Cheam

Martin's website will be going live shortly.

Long Overdue

In my role as regional coordinator I sent out a message to our regions members inviting them out for a drink to discuss views, concerns and the like and be surrounded by like-minded people.

The date proposed was this Sunday, 17th April - as there were some issues last time with some individuals wanting to show up to cause trouble I will refrain from putting the time and place up here, so if you would like tone reminded, or if your not a member and would like to know more then please email me at:

If you have any concerns/ideas I'm the interim please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you Sunday!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Brilliant Dilbert Illustrating How The Law Can Pervert Justice

Remember if it doesn't cover the rights you bear intrinsically it is most likely to screw over someone.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Death Of A Democratic Liberal Nation

General Election Turnout

1992 77.7%
1997 71.4%
2001 59.4%
2005 61.4%

Source UKPolitical Info

Percentage share of the Total Electorate that voted Labour in 2005 21%

Source Railings & Thrasher

Labour Party 35.3% of the Vote 356 seats 55% of total seats
Conservative 32.3% of the Vote 198 seats 31% of total seats
Lib Dems 22.0% of the Vote 62 seats 9% of total seats
Other 8.0% of the Vote 30seats 5% of total seats

Nearly 40% of our fellow citizens are not likely to vote in 2010 because of apathy,ignorance or they are disenfranchised.

If you live in a 'safe' seat and your vote is largely an irrelevance.

These depressing statistics show that we cannot pretend to be a democratic nation, we are an oligarchy. Yesterday Clegg came to Bristol. Big Poster on a truck, swarm of journalists, not one voter! He said with a straight face that he expected to be in No 10 to an open mouthed BBC reporter.

He is lying to himself, to the camera and to the voters and he should hang his head in shame. He knows he will never march into Whitehall under FTP because it is rigged in favour of the big two.
Clegg does not understand the zeitgeist and is weaker for it. He has already flunked his historic destiny for himself and his party.

Stop pretending that the Lib Dems are anything other than 'kingmakers' and set out your stall for proportional representation and an end to this squalid excuse of a gerrymandered 'Representative Democracy', these opportunities only come along once every forty years. Ashdown was conned by Blair, and Clegg has clearly learned nothing from the experience.

All three parties are quibbling over Tax, the real issue is Constitutional Reform, I have never seen such depression in the public and the minor parties, knowing that no matter how hard they try and how much money is spent it will make very little difference to the Political Elite. The Rotten Parliament is about to be replaced by the squalid Parliament, full of party placemen, and with precious little mandate and legitimacy from the Electorate.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Libertarian Party Endorsed Candidate Surges To Third Place In The Betting Stakes

Ladbrokes comprehensive betting on the General Election website for many constituencies and they appear to be giving David Kirwan the best odds for any Independent or fringe Party. They are consistently giving UKIP, Greens & BNP throughout the 649 constituencies 100/1. In both Wirral South & Wallasey UKIP is on 100/1.

David Kirwan is an independent endorsed by the Libertarian Party

In Wirral West the betting is….

Conservatives 1/10

Labour 5/1

DSK 50/1

Liberal Democrats 100/1

UKIP 100/1

Jury Team 100/1

David appears to be the only Independent or fringe Party etc ahead of the Liberal Democrats anywhere? This is a great opportunity to break the political mould and elect an Independent.

David Kirwan's website is

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The writing on the wall

Having just read Guido's post on the subject I felt the urge to write to the Tory PPC for my area, Leeds West, to sound out his views on the subject:

Hello Mr. Marjoram,

As the PPC for Leeds West for the Conservatives your party stands a good chance of forming the next government an you representing the people of this district.

Today the blogger Guido Fawkes at has illustrated yet more example of Gordon Brown being economical with the truth in thus piece here:

Of particular note is the last few paragraph, particularly the area in red:

"Gordon pathologically lies with numbers all the time, he constantly reels off fudged statistics whenever he is questioned. Crime statistics are massaged and worst of all the government’s real debt position is hidden using PFI and by ignoring public sector pension obligations. When the Tories get in one of the first things they should do is restate the national debt to honestly reflect the dire truth of the position hidden by Gordon’s years of deceit…"

As the Conservative candidate for Leeds West I was wondering if you would commit to pressing David Cameron into restating the national debt in correct context and to hold an enquiry onto the exact extent of our national debt.

Achieving this on day one will usher in a new era of honest, open government, the likes of which Gordon Brown has been measured and found wanting for.

If trust is to be restored and a cure found for the current "rotten" parliament it must begin from the ground up; I urge that if you are successful in becoming our MP that you will initiate/support any early day motions (EDMs) to this end and call on the cabinet to acknowledge any petitions on this subject.

Yours sincerely,


Why not write to your PPCs and incumbent candidates as well?

Should be way enough to determine who they are via wikipedia or use this site as I did.

Change starts from asking question; ask yours.