It was back in 2006
the EU commissioner for the internal market who was then the Irish
Charlie McCreevy told Member State governments across the European
Union that they must scrap their monopoly on delivering letters by 2009.

is the real story behind the Lord Mandelson spin today. The report by
Richard Hooper describing the current Royal Mail as "untenable" and
that it is under threat without modernisation.

Really means it is untenable because the European Union says so.

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Never stand behind an elephant

So more duplicity by the politicians in Westminster. Pretending to campaign to save the Post Offices whilst all the time giving you Smoke and Mirrors served up with a liberal dose of bullshit.

Ask your MP why they do this in such an underhand way, why they need to lie to you, because it only reinforces that the EU really does have something to hide, and we do have something to fear.

Ask your Tory and LibDem candidate at the next election why they have participated in and gone along with this duplicity and fraud.

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