Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Spoilt Party

With the polls starting tomorrow on our real government and on who cleans the streets you may be wondering who if anyone you should vote for - LPUK's firm stance is to not field a candidate at a European level because it does not recognise the legitimacy of the European Commission or its bought and paid for (with our money) parliament who merely rubber stamp rules which our national parliament then have to dress in local garb before forcing upon us. 

I would like to offer a piece of sagely advice by telling you who exactly I will be voting for party wise:

The Spoilt Party.

"But Tom, o master of sagely wisdom, there is no Spoilt Party on my ballot party! what am I to do?" You may say. Worry not - you have just not looked close enough.

In the interests of equality I will be placing a tick against all the possible party options. This is how you vote for "the Spoilt Party".

This may seem a little strange to some - you may counter "but Tom if you vote Spoilt you might as well have just stayed at home and not voted at all!" - not so, I vote spoilt because I believe in the message it sends to our masters who, still having the veneer of democracy have to let us know how many of us voted for the Spoily party in the interests of a "fair and democratic" election - they just dont have to answer whether or not it is just that we allow an unelected beauracracy write all the rules.

I mean, can you imagine what a vote for Spoilt Party would do to Europe? The spoilt party is the only one at a European level that will show us how much of a sham the democratic process really is and how many of us have realised this.

As with my previous post, there is a growing number of us with leanings to vote spoilt but dont realise that this is an option; I say this to you:

Every non-vote is a vote for the winning party, whether you agree with them or not.

If you have seen through the sham that is the EU dont entertain it with the veneer of tribal voting, protest votes or voters paradox (otherwise known as voter apathy); let them know who you want to represent you after the election: you.

You know I'm right, and if you want to see real change when it comes to a general election, for candidates who you actually want to represent, not dictate to you then why not try here?

Join LPUK link

Join up, donate, take part, LPUK represents that most undermined and forgotten of voters - not the liberals, not the conservatives, not the national-socialists or the social democrats, not the Judean Peoples Front, the Peoples Front of Judea; not even the Popular Front of Judea.

The individual.

Libertarians believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from government—on all issues at all times. We don't say government is too big in one area, but then in another area push for a law to force people to do what we want. We believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from government—on all issues at all times.

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