Saturday, 26 September 2009

Let's Get Together

Dear Yorkshire LPUK members

As your friendly Yorkshire region co-ordinator, I would like to announce an up-coming, to-be-confirmed meeting of members so that we can actually meet each other, have a bit of a banter and start to get the ball rolling for the party in good old God's Country.

I will be emailing members with more concrete details in due course. But this is just a flag up to say 'we're hooking up, are you interested?' and if you would like to express interest and give a shout out to a particular location of choice, please post a comment.

I want to keep things totally democratic as far as venue, location goes, so let's be having your ideas.

These are exciting times for our new, fresh party. We have gathered strong momentum recently, with a burst in new membership applications and also the welcoming of Cllr Gavin Webb (formerly of the Lib Dems) to the party fold.

So this is a good time for LPUK members to get together and have a chat about party and non party stuff and form the beginnings of the culture of the party that has good things in store.

Over and out



Shades said...

Over and out?

You have finished speaking and are no longer listening?

Oh dear...

Bemused Wolf said...
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Shades said...

Morley would be an easy walk home for me!

Tomrat said...

As I missed the last meet I would be very interested in this one!

Just say where and when- a heads up via email if its further afield than Leeds would be nice though.

John Demetriou said...

Leeds sounds good with me. Not especially near, but good transport links and venues.

Keep the interest coming, guys.

PJ said...

Leeds Leeds Leeds!

sorry, thought I was in the south stand then ;-)

John Demetriou said...

So far it's looking hot for Leeds.

While Leeds is in front, I'll turn our collective sights upon potential venues.

Now, I've been up here for a few years now, and I've been to some half decent joints in Leeds, but I can't for the life of me remember any of their names.

So while I do a bit of research on t'tinter't'web, do pop a few ideas down here so we can get t'ball rollin'!


John Demetriou said...

OK. Time to narrow down the detail.

I'm sending a mailshot out to members in the next 20 minutes.

The location will be Leeds. Venue, undecided, exact date and time undecided, though I want to pin it down to later this month.

I will be inviting members to post their thoughts and comments here, so hopefully we can get a bit of a democratic discussion going and forge on!

Back soon...

Shades said...

I asked some younger people who go drinking in Leeds- none of them had much of an idea how busy the Pubs are On Saturday or Sunday daytimes, just fri/Sat nights (mostly a zoo!). They though some of the "real ale" ones in the back streets off Briggate might be worth a look, especially as they don't attract the stand up lager crowd.

John Demetriou said...

Oh, absolutely mate.

I'm assuming that, with LPUK members being the intelligent and decent folk that we are, no-one will be interested in going to a McPub or some leary dive.

A decent real ale pub sounds great. One where queuing at the bar isn't an issue.


PJ said...

The Cuthbert Broderick, plenty of real ales (they were doing a nice pint of Ruddles Best last night), cheap, and central (next to the Civic Hall, 5 mins from the railway station)

Shades said...

A good name of course, being "the man who made Leeds" (& the Grand at Scarborough).

...but isn't it technically a McPub, as in Wetherspoons?

I imagine how busy it is depends what is going on outside on the "world's most expensive patio".

(Perhaps we need a field trip!)

John Demetriou said...


(I hope you know I'm thinking of you lot first, here. I am teetotal, so real ale or no makes no difference to me)


I have been passed a brilliant suggestion for a venue. A place that is bang central, but at the same time a bit eccentric, bit quirky, not at all nasty in that towny sense, cheap, real aley and with an atmos. And space.

The Angel.

Which is tucked away from the main shopping street where the posh Victoria Quarter shops are situated (I'll prob pop there if The Angel is chosen to buy the missus a present for putting up with me).

So, The Angel.

Check it out, gimme your thoughts.

Tomrat said...

One small caveat I mentioned when suggesting this place is that it's inherent cheapness and trendy ales tend to attract a big swathe of the student population every weekend which can make it very irritating to:

1. Get served.
2. Get seated.

Tis always a problem- been a while since I've been but have never had a bad night there. Ever.

John Demetriou said...

If Angel is chosen, I'll try and get an area 'fenced off' for the group.

Keep 'em coming, people.

Dadadamien said...

I would quite like to attend! Missed the meet up in York, so it'd good to meet everyone. I live in Huddersfield, and I'm in Leeds every now and then, but I'll let everyone else pick the location.

Shades said...

I'd prefer a Saturday afternoon for the meet-up, or even a Sunday afternoon. An evening would be fine, of course, but I'm generally in bed for 10pm. (An 11 year old toddler...)

I've been in the Angel, but donkeys years ago for a pre-show drink, so can't remember a great deal about it.

Tomrat said...

I second Shades proposal- gets real busy in the evening so an early start would be better; late afternoon to sun down would solve a lot of travelling problems too.

Also was not able to make last one as had baby-related issues, plus the lack of expendable income makes me less mobile than before. Will definately turn up to this one though.

Incidently I know a couple (a lot) of good bars out of town- if people were willing to travel there is Arcadia in Headingley- great booze, no music, small...I'll keep thinking..

John Demetriou said...

I'm gonna throw a few brave chips into the pot and see where we stand.

How does this sound to people?

SATURDAY 24th of this month.
Angel Pub, Leeds.
2pm meeting time.


As an initial full suggestion...

Shades said...

JD, as well as being teetotal, I take it that you are not a parent of school-kids as the 24th to the 1st of Nov is half term, at least in Leeds.

I could do it on the 17th of October or the 7th of November though.

John Demetriou said...

Hmmmm 17 October. Might not be a bad idea at all, that man!

What are thoughts about the 17th, people?

I will very shortly set about the task of moving the final phases of discussion over to the private Libertarian Party UK member's forum.

I'll also give members a heads up about that. I want the finer points to be nailed out in private, because the last thing we want or need is some loon or dick head gate crashing proceedings. Which nearly happened last time.

Back soon...

Shades said...

I might be a smidge late as I am tied up until 1:30pm at an event in Morley.

Dadadamien said...

I'm at work until 6 in Huddersfield on the 17th, so I won't be able to attend if it is then.

Gary said...

Two questions:

1) Can only paid up members of the LPUK attend?

2) Is it possible that it not be on the 17th, please?

Tomrat said...

Cannot do the 7th Nov as am attending film festival event, am happy with 17th but would be happy if it were moved to accomodate more people in the evening or on another day.


I think we will be moving the meat of this conversation onto the LPUK forum; there were attempts to disrupt the last meet from individuals who could not/would not rebut our central ideas (I presume; I was unable to make it).

If you want to know more you should be able to find an email address for one of us fro either thus blog or one of our own- this may prove the easiest way to keep you up to speed.

Gary said...

I decided that I would join LPUK as there is only really one (relatively) small point of policy that I disagree with.

Anyway, I'd like to join the forum and throw my weight behind a date other than the 17th but, sadly, I can't gain access as I don't have a membership number yet!

Tomrat said...

I've posted an alternative meeting place and time on the forum in the discussion zone dedicated to the last meetup doodjery.


if you don't get your membership number before that time email me and I'll get you some information to you.

John Demetriou said...

Absolutely, please everyone DO get onto the member's forum where the latest suggestion of venue, date, time etc is in the process of being finalised.

Your attendance will be most welcome.