Monday, 18 January 2010

Yorkshire Region Coordinator

As you are no doubt aware the regional coordinator for Yorkshire stood down recently and left the Party. As Libertarians it is important that the Party is a grass roots body with its members having a big say in how their region/county/district is run.

Yorkshire Libertarians are a reasonably sized and active group within the Party and we looking for a regional coordinator to step in to the role quickly. The task isn't onerous and we can provide support from the NCC. As he lives in the North West the Chairman, Gregg Beaman, ( has volunteered to help and work closely with the co-ordinator. Typical duties include:

· Organise local meetings and stir up activism and local recruitment

· Greet new members and make them feel welcome - I copy the coordinator on introductory emails

· Vet anyone who wants to stand for office in any of the assorted elections that we have. Again the NCC will be involved and we need someone with local knowledge and personal contacts to help us

· Attend NCC meetings. These will be held every two months or so and assistance with expenses is available. Unfortunately they are like to be in London as all roads lead to London and it is easier for the South West and Scotland teams, for example, to get there

If you would like to consider this role please feel free to contact Gregg or me and we can discuss it with you.

It has also been suggested that if we cannot find anyone for the role that we merge Yorkshire and North West as they are also active with a coordinator. Being a Yorkshireman myself I'm not sure restarting the War of the Roses is the best solution, so give the position some thought.

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