Thursday, 30 July 2009

One Last Question...

... Regarding the meetup.

I have it down to two cities now, people from the Counties of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, and East Yorkshire (*) have expressed interest so far, I've heard nothing from anyone in South Yorkshire, so it looks like the meetup will be held in either Leeds, or York as a general central point of those Counties, with easy access by public or private transport.

So, the question is, which City would be best for you?

Please, drop me a line, or leave a comment on this post to 'cast your vote' as it were.

I will post the result here on Sunday 2nd August.

I am looking at Saturday 15th August for this, I hope that will be okay with everyone.

Cast your votes if you're coming!

=At least, I think East Yorkshire is still a County, please politely correct me if I am wrong, I mean no offense!


John Demetriou said...

I vote for Leeds.

Sat 15th is good for me.

In terms of venue, I'm totally easy - I'm not going to press for a specific pub or bar, I'm not that fussy. So long as the place serves 'drink', I'm grand.

Cheers all, look forward to seeing you.


Shades said...

I'm taking my lad down to London in the morning (& picking him up the following Saturday). I might be back in time if it is an evening meet.

Henry North London said...

I cannae remember where I am on that day

South Yorkshire is a Labour republic You'll be hard pressed to find anyone there.

Jeremy Pender said...

York, please!

"East Yorkshire" generally means the East Riding of Yorkshire plus Hull, though some would say that the East Riding actually includes Hull. I suppose it depends whether you're talking ceremonial county (one place) or unitary authority (two).

Either way, Leeds would probably be a little too much of a haul for most Hullies and Gullies.

Bemused Wolf said...

I was told recently that a somewhat influential person had joined us from Sheffield, and if the few friends I have spoken to in Barnsley are indicative of the general view of people there as a whole, they are pretty pissed off with Labour right now..

Now could be a good time to be offering an alternative.