Saturday, 25 July 2009

So where are you?

Just an update for you all regarding meeting up.

I have had a few responses from people interested in meeting up, but what I need now is the location of the people who are interested, so I can figure out a mutually convienient place to get us together.

I have asked a couple of members of the NCC if they will be available to join us, so I am just waiting for their replies, I know that one of them gets up to Yorkshire fairly regularly, and it would be nice to see them again.

There has also been some unofficial interest in a meeting from the Taxpayers Alliance too, with whom we seem to share a lot of common ground. All will be welcome!

Remember, you don’t have to be a member of the LPUK to come and have a natter with us, so even if you just want to hear more about us, you’re welcome to join us when the arrangements are finalised.

Now, for those of you that were enquiring about the minutes of last year’s LPUK AGM, I’m afraid I have had no word of their whereabouts thus far.

I think with the run up towards this week’s Norwich North by-election, that the people who would know, have been very busy. I have asked again today though, and await their response. Sorry about that, I’d quite like to see them myself actually, because, although I was at the AGM myself, I don’t remember that much about it now.

Perhaps Shades can remember some more, as he played a somewhat comical, but very important role there as I recall, pointing out the little mistakes that were being made here and there!

So, for now, if you could just let me know where you are in Yorkshire, just your area, I’m not interested in any details, then we can look at getting this show running!


Henry North London said...

Im going to be in Maltby Rotherham some weekends

Happy to push the LPUK agenda there

I have a little advantage there... Im the son of the local GP so I might garner 2000 votes there
trading on my fathers reputation

Guthrum said...

Will forward the YO membership list shortly

Shades said...

I'm in Morley, which is South of Leeds if you've never heard of it.